11 December, 2018

Privacy Policy

1.- Information for the User

DESARROLLOS CÁRNICOS, S.L. informs the users of the website about its policy regarding the treatment and protection of data of the users and clients´ personal data which may be collected for browsing through the website.

DESARROLLOS CÁRNICOS, S.L. is responsible for the handling of the personal data of the user, so we provide the following information regarding their data:

Our aim when handling the users’ data: to maintain a business relationship with the user. The planned procedures for performing the handling are:

  • Sending of advertisements via email, fax, SMS, MMS, social networks or by any other electronic or physical means, in the present or future, which could permit commercial communication. Theses notifications will be done via DESARROLLOS CÁRNICOS S.L. and will be related to their products and services, or with our collaborators or providers with whom we may have reached a promotional agreement. In this case., third parties will never have access to the personal data.
  • Processing orders, requests or any other user enquiries using any form of contact at your disposal.
  • Forwarding of website notices and news.

Data retention criteria: The personal data will be preserved until it is requested to be removed by the party concerned, exercising his or her rights regarding the data, and in any case in compliance with the legal time periods of subscription.

Addressee or stopping the receiving of data: Data will be handled by DESARROLLOS CÁRNICOS S.L. and by service providers or collaborators.

Rights of the concerned parties:

  • Right to withdraw consent at any time.
  • Right to access, correct, delete or handle the data and to limit or object to its management, as well as to not becoming the object of individual automatic decisions.

Contact details to exercise your rights:

You must correctly identify yourself and clearly state your request.

  • Email address: info@desarrolloscarnicos.com

2.- Information provided by the user

Under 18 are not permitted to use the forms on our website.

The Users introducing their data in the contact forms or the provided downloadable ones, clearly, willingly and unambiguously accept that their details are necessary to respond to their request on the part of the Person Responsible, being that the submission of this data is voluntary in the rest of the sections.

The User guarantees that the provided personal details are correct and he/she is responsible for communication any changes to them.

All the details requested through the website are necessary to provide an optimal service for the user. In the case that not all of the details are provided, it is not guaranteed that the information and services provided by the Person Responsible, will completely fulfil their needs.

3.Security measures

In compliance with the current regulations in regards to personal data protection, the Person Responsible fulfils all the aspects of the regulations RGPD and LOPD, for the data handling being his or her responsibility, which is handled in a lawful, legal and transparent way, with regards to the concerned and appropriate parties, being relevant and applicable to the requirements in relation to the purposes for which they are handled.

The Person Responsible guarantees that he or she has implemented appropriate technical and organizational policies in order to put into practice the security measures established by the RGPD and LOPD for the purpose of protecting the rights and liberties of the Users and that they have been adequately informed so that they can be implemented.

4.Security breaches

The Person Responsible will inform about any security breach that might affect the data base used by this website, or that might affect any of our services to third parties, to each and every single one of them, about that data that could have been affected and also the authorities, within 72 hours of detection of the breach.


For the resolution of all the problems or issues related to the present website of the activities within it, Spanish Law will be applied, to which both parties will intentionally submit, the Courts and Tribunals of Barcelona being adequate for the resolution of all conflicts related to the use of the website.