13 June, 2018

Quality and Innovation

Fusing together our ability
to create with our awareness of our surroundings

In the past it was a challenge to discuss foods that were low in salt, whereas nowadays, it is the obligatory norm. We have maintained since the start that, with regards to salt, you should only use the precise amount that is required.

Due to our desire for innovation and discovery we are constantly testing and putting into practice new combinations of natural foods. For example, blending a creamy melted cheese with ham in a way which remains traditional, both these products having been produced by us, another example being new culinary methods, such as cooking at the lowest temperature for an extended period of time, by simmering.

As huge lovers of the kitchen and what we do, we enjoy introducing and sharing our knowledge of how to make things with everybody who interacts with us. Be you the supplier, the client, the factory staff or just a guest; to all of these we always consult with and ask their opinion about any new creation that we are tasting or savouring at the time.

Even during reunions with family or friends, we have been given advice (especially from those who are older) regarding what they find to be missing when they visit a supermarket. They are our public and our audience.