13 June, 2018




The concept of using and adapting the technologies at our disposal to create foods that are safe, healthy and beneficial.

Desarrollos Cárnicos was founded in 1.992 y and since then there have been many changes in
the food industry.

In our company especially we have wanted to offer the traditional products and flavours of the past, respecting the original subtleties and individual diversity of the different regions that our products represent, Our dietary knowledge is expanding day by day.

Our philosophy has always been clear. A desire to create foods adapted to your needs, tailored
to your requirements, offering a solution to each different dietary need, whilst trying to avoid mass-produced foods and ensuring that our products have a personal touch that sets them apart from others.

Our aim is to use and adapt the technologies at our disposal to design and create safe, healthy and beneficial foods, using age old raw materials and ensuring that this union is respectful in all ways with our customers and the environment.

For this reason we are constantly incorporating the innovations that the market, with its trends and influences demands, allowing us to be creative and avant-garde whilst not sacrificing our customs and traditions.